Monday, 5 February 2018

Eco-City CHER: A Luxury Eco-City; with a sustainable ‘Brick and Mortar’ PARADISE ICO


Humankind has entered its urban age, with a fast developing and a larger part of the populace is now living in urban areas. The ‘urban globe’ faces exceptional, social and natural difficulties. The main risk is climate change, which debilitates cities, countries and the world with epic interruption and hardship and with it brings difficulties to human wellbeing, biodiversity and the bedrocks of life –food, water, and energy. In the meantime, new ‘savvy’ Eco-cities are proposing answers for these planetary issues.

Building First Blockchain based true Eco-city

The Blockchain based first Investment Project for Creating a True Eco city. The true Eco city is a chain of Eco cities emerging from developing countries to help these cities draw investments, attract tourists, increase jobs and expand GDP. The true Eco city instills a sense of pride with the people. CHER is an Eco City with extravagant enhancements like- Racecourse, equine sports, 5 Star Hotel, Casino, Spa, and Stem Cell Treatment. 

 Development of world’s most fascinating Eco-city is intended to feature the most sizzling new green technology and to fill in as a model for future, creating urban Eco-city with complete luxury. The True eco-city, surrounded with Natural Environment, is where occupants have the opportunity to grab diverse scenes extending from a solarscape to a greenery-clad earthscape that they can adore.

CHER is a green venture that is economically sustainable, an eco city with zero carbon conditions, The Eco-city, an ecosystem within the environment, use natural materials and elements within the ecosystem, air and streams (solar, wind and rain) giving rise to an ideal eco environment.
The world’s first true Eco city based on cryptocurrency, where payments are made in the digital currency. The investors will have the opportunity to pay specifically tokens for various accommodation and services within Eco city.

CHER Eco city is an environmentally friendly and modern city that exists together gently with nature. It is about another creative way of life open to everybody. It is another method of presence, of innovativeness, of extravagance with enhancements of Urban City, of Eco City, and the lavishness of a Capitalist City.

You feel the freshness, the healthiness of nature without truly affecting the urban convenience of life. Eco city and the exuberant way of life bring you the experience that only occurs in dreams.

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